If You Travel Enough Through Time Somebody Will Eventually Get Old

by Lydia's Sleep

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released November 16, 2014

All songs by Lydia's Sleep:

Luís Lucena - Guitar, Vocals.
José Quintino - Guitar, Vocals.
Iuri Landolt - Bass.
Diogo Sousa - Drums.

Some keys by Luís Lucena, most keys by Miguel Vilhena.
Guest vocals by Hugo Marques on track 10.
Guest vocals by Miguel Vilhena on track 8.
Guest guitar on track 8 by João Óscar Silva (Jibóia).
Synths on track 9 by João Pereira (Shela).
Additional vocals on tracks 1, 2, 3 & 11 by Miguel Vilhena, Filipe Paes, Inês Pimenta & Tiago Martins.

Produced by Miguel Vilhena & Lydia's Sleep.
Engineered, recorded & mixed by Miguel Vilhena, at Pontiaq Studios in 2013/2014.
Additional engineering by Ricardo Crespo & Luís Clara Gomes.
Mastered by Chris Common at Twin Hills Recording.
Artwork by Gonçalo Duarte. Design by Óscar Silva.

Thanks to our friends and families who always stayed by our side, even when we didn't notice them.




Lydia's Sleep Setubal, Portugal

Lydia's Sleep is down the Valley of Depth. Emerging with each wave.

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Track Name: Humanoid Typhoon
Before any chance
of tracking this moment,
I'm eager to tell you
that it's bursting into paradox.

No matter how hard I try
stretching out a suitable sense
this urge of making myself hateful
will strain itself for honest choices.

Veins became so overflown
that blood has taken my home,
and it'll warm weakened hopes
of those lucky enough to never meet me.

Come and find me. Like it's even possible...
So lucky to be alive, make me proud i didn't kill you.
Track Name: It Takes One To No One
Grasping me over any other
waving in hunger to find what it's all about.
Your majesty's knocking me out,
it's fake and it's only getting worse.
I wish this was all an hoax to destroy humanity,
but forever is not long enough to wash you off my eyes.
Track Name: Al's Oath
I'd kill my son, to hand you over the truth,
holding tight to the one thing it could never buy.
While you were mourning rain,
something wonderful happened,
I was living someone else's day.

They mocked me even after their bodies rotted in the attic,
and I waited though nothing was left to believe.
So all the words that should have been, are but a pitiful void.

Shoot me in the back,
it's the only way
touching yourself
seems fair enough.

Feeling the weight of your own silence?
It's cutting our knots for good.
A failed attempt at existing.
Track Name: Cruel Hands
Somewhere between who's starving
and who's laughing something went,
terribly right or there would be
no pleasure heroes, no warlords.

Cheat thirst with depression,
buy fancy mental paintings you love.
Breathe on lying to mommy,
lying to each other, lying to our graves.

So cruel hands I keep serving.
So sick plans I crave on my chest.
Most of the time I have wasted
I was wasted for the first time.

What if I tell you a secret...
Cataclysm features sex.
Track Name: Faulty Waters
The day faith brought me flowers,
I smirked trying to please everyone.
I saw them slipping through my fingers
drying out the canal.
All banners flashing low outcomes
kept swallowing me gracefully.

Everything's backwards, and time would stop
within the glimpse of chance to turn it all around.

It was the day we died. Was an accident.
Track Name: Isabellinism
Sinking is fine by me
bottom always fills up change.
Change may work for you
for I stood not to regret it.

Wake to shatter
the penguin's nest
while mermaids dry all other chances
hoping for tears in a sack.
It's not so bright
rejecting redemption
cause penguins do wait,
above what they didn't build.

Do you really want to see the difference?

For what it's worth
I'm raising my arms for you,
and it's so clear now
what we need is never coming after all.
Track Name: Catnip/Tuck
Power rush to the max,
stuck jaws of merciful joy.
Barely hurts to watch them smile,
this time we give the lines

Sure purity matters
if you're not high enough,
but the taste is always gone
as soon as your hand is open.

Fall in place with the rest of the sheep.
Obsolete forces from faceless dimensions.
Cut without knowing how deep,
below the eyes and under the soul.
Live and die forever in debt,
to those who rob you under your ceiling.
Cut without reaching the dead.
Selfless actions pay better

Making strong decisions
based on a broken compass.
All roads lead nowhere
and nowhere leads back here.
Track Name: Mess is Lore
Lost all my civic pills,
but when some lean it's good.
There's no left, no right,
in this chaos slumber.

The more I try to see in something,
the more it crusts on my skin.
Whether just or not its vain,
burns in a second.
The well is getting deep and deeper.

Hounds are overtaking,
nobody cares enough to run.
And though some are faking,
they'll just wait to be saved
with their heads down.
Now we're here to fight for them,
the only thing back at us
are sharp rocks from the same ground
they swore to protect.
And its not even warm. In fact its dead cold.

Materialising all of this would be much more fun
if you just gave up,
but it wont make it less wrong.
Stick to your ground, despite it's dead cold.
Track Name: The Land Before Elysium
You brought me here
excepting I would play this game
of might and magic,
but we were too tired
too recall the rules.

Then you turned to me
pulling out the stitches,
unveiling the monster
I created inside you
on purpose.

Snap out,
the whole world is too big
for us to be wondering
out of these extreme hills.

Uncanny words are my favourite.
They drive you mad,
and there's no other way to make me
twist my tongue inside you.

Slowly taking sides,
making it work for a day or two.

One of us should be the puritan
and other the libertine, of these extreme hills.

Waiting on loose ends,
feeding pride,
racing ourselves.