You brought me here
excepting I would play this game
of might and magic,
but we were too tired
too recall the rules.

Then you turned to me
pulling out the stitches,
unveiling the monster
I created inside you
on purpose.

Snap out,
the whole world is too big
for us to be wondering
out of these extreme hills.

Uncanny words are my favourite.
They drive you mad,
and there's no other way to make me
twist my tongue inside you.

Slowly taking sides,
making it work for a day or two.

One of us should be the puritan
and other the libertine, of these extreme hills.

Waiting on loose ends,
feeding pride,
racing ourselves.





Lydia's Sleep Setubal, Portugal

Lydia's Sleep is down the Valley of Depth. Emerging with each wave.

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