by Lydia's Sleep




released January 31, 2012

All songs by Lydia's Sleep:

Diogo Sousa - Drums.
Gonçalo Duarte - Guitar.
José Quintino - Guitar. Vocals.
Luís Lucena - Bass. Vocals.

Additional guitars in Leaving Early by João Silva & Ricardo Salvador.
Additional vocals in Black Snow & Leaving Early by Ricardo Salvador.
Shaker and interlude to Out of Reach by Chris Common.
Produced by Chris Common & Lydia's Sleep.
Engineered, mixed & mastered by Chris Common at Cork House Recording, in 2011/2012.
Artwork by Ricardo Martins.



all rights reserved


Lydia's Sleep Setubal, Portugal

Lydia's Sleep is down the Valley of Depth. Emerging with each wave.

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Track Name: Black Snow
Man enough to hate. Man enough to love.
So much eloquent force bursting from my hands.
Hard promises wont wipe out these walls
while hasting matters that should've been closed during the fight.

I go through the sky,
all is alive.
You wont see me any other way.
Above in the clouds of this cave.

Black snow down our heads.
Jump inside this pool of blood.
It's yours. Smile.
Track Name: Lost Encounters
If I swear today we can cross the stars,
you start to choke again.
So every wire of coexistence is cut
when old wounds open wide.

Come to take what's left.
Nothing comes from nothing.

Starts as a joke, ends with a tap on the back.
Track Name: Out of Reach
The morning ends, we go down,
never wait to look around the room
and get back what I miss, before it fades for good.
Can't you see the way we see, is the same in between glass?

It doesn't matter it's hurting, it's worth it.
Doesn't matter the world is crumbling
when it's the only thing you have.
It's the only thing we have.

The night ends, we go up,
wait to believe what's inside
or give away every single thing out of reach.
Promise me to let it be, it won't fail because of this.

Even though it's the thousandth time we're here,
the truth is there's nowhere else i'd rather be.
Track Name: Forth to the Past
I wake to the sound of war
hope for someone fighting.
I look out on the street,
it's empty.
Make through another dawn
drowning in your problems.
They're mine.

Why can't I stay close enough to
feel what's wrong and what's right?
No exit.
Every choice is tied to morning sickness,
mayhem is all for who cares to breathe
and any excuse good for serving cowardice.

I wake to the sound of joy
hope for someone laughing
I check inside the house
full of death.
Despite these stains
I always dream of my youth.
Suddenly everything aged a whole lifetime.
Track Name: Leaving Early
Send me out to never,
on a mission to ease my melancholia.

Someday it'll be over.
The sky will fill itself with wonder
and we won't have to feel guilty anymore.